Ibiza the island of a thousand faces. Ibiza is an island of delicious contrasts. Cosmopolitan and multicultural, but attached to its rural roots. Bustling and relaxing. Globally famous and at the same time unknown. An exceptional piece of Mediterranean, to which many come with the claim of their vibrant nights, but which offers many other incentives. More than 18 kilometers of beaches of fine sand and crystal clear waters, houses of pure white, fortified churches or our unforgettable and majestic walls of Dalt Vila, a World Heritage Site in 1999.


Ibiza, white island, magical, mystical, mysterious, intense, esoteric, seductive, sensitive, divine and very sexual, all known. Almost all those arriving in Ibiza claim to undergo deep processes of interior transformation and growth. Who hasn't heard on countless occasions that "Ibiza changed my life" or "Ibiza caught me"?


Ibiza is inside us, and from here we want to revive it to those who already know it, and present it to those who still do not know about this magical island that teaches us to enjoy life and its small pleasures.




Aromas de Ibiza. We are a small company in Ibiza in which every day we put all our efforts into making the best possible product. That is why we are now pleased to present you the result achieved in these more than twelve years working in the wonderful and exciting world of fragrances.


We suggest that you navigate our beautiful island of Ibiza through these exclusive selected scents and their products manufactured with great care and affection.


We hope you like them and are welcome!

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Shipping costs and countries to which it is sent


Spain, Portugal, Andorra - 2.95€. (No shipping costs for purchases equal to or greater than 25.00€)

France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, United King - 13.95€. (No shipping costs for purchases equal to or greater than 60.00€)

Denmark, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic - 24.95€

Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden - 39.95€